Hoi, I'm Shaoyun, I'm an experience designer with a master degree in Integrated Product Design, at Delft University of Technology. 
Blending product design skills, human-centred thinking and a sight towards the future, I would want to help clients with innovative solutions and products of value. I always put the meaning of design before its form - every design itself is a means of communication, the dialogue happens in a certain context and therefore shapes the context. My goal in the design process is to define the human-product interaction and bring design of value to the users and society.
Apart from experience design works, I'm also interested in Motion Graphics and Visual Design. When I’m not behind my MacBook you can see me in vintage clothes shops in Amsterdam, bouldering or oil painting on the balcony. I like to take occasional trips, at least once a year to detach myself from the daily routine and recharge myself. Currently, I’m based in The Hague, Netherlands, but originally from the beautiful coastal city Dalian, China.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to get in touch.
shaoyunwong@gmail.com | +31 614996706
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